Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro Vermont

COVID-19 Update: June 2, 2022


Dear Families and Friends:

During a recent course of our ongoing COVID-19 testing program we have identified one resident who is, regrettably, positive for COVID-19. The good news is that they were then, and remain now, completely asymptomatic and are recovering nicely without complications.

All residents were again tested this past Monday, Memorial Day, and all tested negative save the resident who’d previously tested positive.

Facility-wide PCR tests were administered on Tuesday, 5/31, and all results were again negative (minus our diagnosed resident). We’re PCR-testing again, today, Thursday, June 2.

On the Staff side of things, we have one staff member presently out with COVID. All other staff remain well.

We will remain vigilant, of course, with infection-control prevention measures and the monitoring of symptoms. And again, we urge all visitors to please continue social distancing and mask wearing throughout the facility, including in resident rooms.

**With the warm weather upon us, please consider holding your next visit out on the patio, under one of the umbrellaed tables, or on any one of the benches in front of and around the building**

We will update you again soon.

Thank you all and please take care,

Melissa Osborne
Director of Nursing
Thompson House
80 Maple St.
Brattleboro, VT, 05301
(802) 254 – 4977 ext 202