Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro Vermont

COVID-19 Update: April 8, 2022


Dear Families and Friends,

As per the Vermont Department of Health, we are very happy to report that we are officially out of our “COVID Outbreak Monitoring Period.” We’ve had no residents test positive for the disease in nearly a month, and we had no new staff positives on this latest round of testing.

Our Housekeeping and Nursing staff will continue to sanitize, disinfect, screen, and monitor residents and visitors for compliance to our Infection Control measures – and we thank you all for doing your part when visiting by social distancing, mask wearing, and not visiting if you’ve been exposed to COVID or are experiencing any cold-like or respiratory symptoms (remember, tablets are available for video-visits).

You may have heard about the new CDC recommendations for a second booster shot for individuals over 50 years of age. We are in the process now of setting up a booster clinic with our pharmacy. Residents and/or their healthcare proxies will be contacted to obtain consent for this latest booster in the coming weeks.

With the coming of Spring and the anticipation of sunshine and warmer weather — and given the level of “cabin fever” that’s built up among our folks – our resident sun-worshipper lobbied for and won access to the patio a bit early this year, and she’s taken advantage of it on every pleasant day since.

Recognizing a good idea when we see one, we are planning to host a series of Friends & Family BBQs on the patio for residents and guests with hotdogs and hamburgers (meat and/or plant-based), soft drinks, and, maybe, entertainment. We’re still in the planning process, so watch this space, Facebook, and for updates.

As ever, many thanks for all you’ve done and all you continue to do.


Melissa Osborne, RN, DNS