Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro Vermont

A letter to residents, families and staff of Thompson House from our administrator

September 17, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

A member of our staff who had previously tested positive for COVID – 19 has received another positive test. Dr. Reed from the Vermont Department of Health is working on the investigation into what she is phrasing a “persistently positive patient.” The VDH epidemiology team advised that due to the relatively lower risk to the residents they felt that facility – wide testing was not required. However as in the past, and after consultation with our Medical Director, we felt that the safety and well – being of our residents was of primary concern, and we requested that the testing take place. Again VDH was able to obtain testing kits that require only a nasal swab, and not the nasopharyngeal swabs which are so uncomfortable. We are also using facility staff to do the testing this time, so residents will be familiar with the people who are doing the swabs. We felt that in this way we could minimize discomfort and confusion for the residents

Please understand that this is a precautionary measure. We will begin testing of all residents and staff today, and should have results in the coming days. As soon as we have received all of our results, we will be posting an update on the Thompson House website at: As always the safety and well- being of your loved ones, our residents, is our primary concern.


Dane A. Rank, Administrator