Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro Vermont



March 4, 2022: COVID-19 Update

Dear Families and Friends,

As some of you are aware, Thompson House has, as of late this afternoon, experienced a COVID-19 outbreak. The entire facility has been tested since the first positive was reported. As of 5:00 pm we have eight residents who have tested positive and one who tested negative but is presumed to be positive.

All of the affected residents are on the Long-Term, or first floor. No residents in Short-Term Nursing or Residential Care, both upstairs, tested positive (if you haven’t gotten a phone call your resident is not among them).

As we’ve done in the past, isolated residents will be served meals in their room and will have snacks and drinks at their disposal, along with games, puzzles, books, and movies that will, hopefully, offer some diversion. Nursing will be monitoring their vital signs every two hours.

We will retest the entire facility tomorrow, Saturday, March 5.

To put this all in perspective, 22% of our residents are positive for COVID-19. Given that, we are strongly urging friends and family to refrain from visiting the facility at this time. FaceTime and/or Zoom visits are encouraged and we do have tablets for those residents who need one.

That said, you may visit as before but understand that there is a health risk associated with doing so. And we are asking all visitors to call 802-254-4977 before their visit.

Rest assured that all residents, upstairs and down, will be closely monitored for signs and symptoms of respiratory difficulty and will be tested accordingly.

That’s about all we have for now. Feel free to call and speak to nursing for resident updates, and please be patient when you do. We’ll update you further as we’re able.


Melissa Osborne, RN, DNS
Dane Rank, Administrator