Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro Vermont

A letter to family and friends of Thompson House from our administrator




Dear Families and Friends,

Our most recent round of PCR testing on 2/17/22 revealed NO NEW POSITIVES!

Although this is just the first in the next couple of all – staff testings to clear our “outbreak,” we remain optimistic that everyone will stay safe this weekend and again test negative for our next round of testing on Monday, February 21 st . We will continue with universal precautions at this time, and are in regular communication with the VDH Epidemiologist to ascertain next steps. Much depends upon Monday’s testing, but at this time, no one is positive for COVID.

We still need to use our N95 masks and goggles. Please continue to help us all by complying with PPE and “safe touch” visits to keep the virus out. After Monday’s testing, we will await the Vermont Department of Health to clear us to use surgical masks. Visitors will continue to see their loved ones in designated rooms, unless special arrangements have been made for residents who are on comfort measures and receiving “end of life” care.

We will continue to diligently monitor all residents for signs and symptoms of COVID. All visitors will continue to perform a health screening prior to entry to the facility and staff members are required to screen twice per shift. Volunteers will continue to be antigen tested at the front door prior to entrance. We are doing our best to resume regular activities as we are able, so please keep an eye out for the activity calendar, which will begin once again to be mailed out to families on a weekly basis starting next week.

As always, please feel free to ask any questions as they come up. You have all demonstrated the upmost patience and understanding as we ask so much of you during this difficult time. Things will begin to change if we all stay safe and everyone again tests negative for our testing on Monday, February 21 st . Please consider this as you make decisions to go out this weekend if you also have plans to visit residents.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.


Dane A. Rank, Administrator